The Life and Legend of Charlemagne

The Life and Legend of Charlemagne

How to use this index: The fundamental unit is the chapter. Generally, each chapter contains one story, with sections, subsections, and divisions treating of the variants of that story.  Books and Parts group related stories and cycles together. Titles in bold are not yet published. Titles without a link are described on the same blog page as the previous title.

Part I: The Ancestors of Charlemagne

Book I: The Heathen Franks

Book II: Clovis

Chapter I: The Conversion of Clovis

Chapter II: Parthenopeus of Blois

Chapter III: Fiovo

Section 1: I Reali di Francia

Section 2: Fioravante.

Chapter IV: Floovant

Section 1: La Chanson de Floovant

Section 2: I Reali di Francia

Section 3: Fioravante

Section 4: The Dutch Floovant Fragments

Section 5: Flovents Saga

Section 6: Flovens Rima

Section 7: Floresvento

Chapter V: Ottaviano del Lione

Section 1: I Reali di Francia

Section 2: Fioravante.

Book III: Dagobert

Chapter I: Le Bon Roi Dagobert

Chapter II: Dieudonné of Hungary

Chapter III: Octavian

Section 1: Octavian

Section 2: The English Octovian

Section 3: The Irish Octavian

Section 4: Florent et Lyon, and its descendants

Section 5: Florent et Octavien

Chapter IV: The Fair Florence of Rome

Section 1: La Chanson de Florence de Rome

Section 2: The Short French Remainement

Section 3: Dit de Flourence de Romme

Section 4: Le Bone Florence of Rome (English)

Section 5: Cuento muy famosos del Enperador Otas de Roma, et de la Infante Florencia su Fija, et del Buen Cavallero Esmere

Section 6: Prose Flourence de Rome

Chapter V: Ciperis of Vignevaux

Section 1: Chanson de Ciperis de Vignevaux

Section 2: Histoire du Noble Roy Silperic de Vignevaux qui fut Roy de France

Chapter VI: Theseus of Cologne

Section 1: Chanson de Theseus de Cologne

Section 2: The Miracle of King Thierry

Section 3: Gestes et Croniques de la Maison de Savoye

Section 4: Roman de l’Assaillant

Section 5: The Short Prose Version

Section 6: Gestes de Courtenay

Section 7: Mélanges tirés d’une grande bibliothèque

Chapter VII: Saint Bathilde

Book IV: Charles the Hammer

Chapter I: King Rother

Chapter II: Charles the Hammer, by David Aubert

Chapter III: Girart of Roussillon

Section 1: La Chanson de Girart (decasyllables)

Section 2: Vita Comitis Girardi

Section 3: La Chanson de Girart (Alexandrines)

Section 4: Wauquelin’s Girart

Section 5: Histoire de Charles Martel, by David Aubert

Section 6: Jean de Mansel’s Girart

Chapter IV: Orson of Beauvais

Chapter V: Auberi the Burgundian

Chapter VI: Huon of Auvergne

Chapter VII: The Judgment of Charles the Hammer

Book V: The Lorrainers

Chapter I: The Turin Genealogy and Prologue

Chapter II: Hervis of Metz

Section 1: La Chanson de Hervis de Metz

Section 2: La Belle Biautris, by Philippe de Vigneulles.

Chapter III: Garin the Lorrainer

Section 1: La Chanson de Garin le Loherain

Section 2: La Chanson de Garin le Loherain (second redaction)

Section 3: The Prose Garin – Arsenal MS

Section 4: The Prose Garin – Phillipe de Vigneulles

Section 5: The Prose Garin  – David Aubert’s Histoire de Charles Martel

Section 6: Roman der Lorreinen (Dutch)

Chapter IV: Gerbert of Metz

Section 1: La Chanson de Gerbert de Metz

Section 2: The Prose Gerbert – Arsenal MS

Section 3: The Prose Gerbert – Phillipe de Vigneulles

Section 4: The Prose Gerbert  – David Aubert’s Histoire de Charles Martel

Chapter V: Yon, or, The Vengeance for Fromondin

Chapter VI: Anseis of Metz

Section 1: La Chanson d’Anseis de Metz

Section 2: The Prose Anseis – Arsenal MS

Section 3: The Prose Yon – Phillipe de Vigneulles

Section 4: The Prose Anseis – David Aubert’s Histoire de Charles Martel

Chapter VII: The Romance of the Lorrainers (Dutch)

Book VI: Pepin the Short

Chapter I: The Youth of Pepin

Chapter II: Bevis of Hampton

Section 1: The Anglo-Norman Redaction

Subsection 1: The Anglo-Norman Bevis

Subsection 2: Bevers Saga

Subsection 3: Bevusar Taetter (Faroese Ballad)

Subsection 4: Bown o Hamtwn (Welsh)

Subsection 5: Sir Beves of Hampton (English)

Subsection 6: Stair Bibuis (Irish).

Section 2: The Continental French Redaction

Subsection 1: First French Family

Subsection 2: Second French Family

Subsection 3: French Prose (and the close Dutch translation)

Subsection 4: Third French Family

Section 3: The Italian Redaction

Subsection 1: First Italian Redaction

Division 1: The Geste Francor

Division 2: I Reali di Francia, Book IV

Subsection 2: The Second Italian Redaction

Division 1: The Italian Cantare de Gesta (Buovo Udinese and Buovo Laurenziano)

Division 2: Bovo in Octaves- 1480 version

Division 3: Bova Karolevich (Russian)

Subsection 3: The Third Italian Redaction

Division 1: Buovo Riccardiano

Division 2: Buovo di Gherardo

Subsection 4: The Fourth Italian Redaction

Division 1: Bovo d’Antona – 1497

Division 2: Bovo-Buch (Yiddish)

Section 4: Celinos y la Adultera (Spanish ballad)

Section 5: The Vengeance for Bevis

Chapter III: Floris and Blanchefleur

Chapter IV: Bertha Broadfoot

Section 1: Chronique Saintongeaise

Section 2: Philippe Mouskes’ Chronique Rimée.

Section 3: The German Family

Subsection 1: Der Stricker’s Karl der Grosse

Subsection 2: Henry of Munich’s Chronik

Subsection 3: Henry Wolter’s Chronik

Subsection 4: Weihenstephaner Chronik

Subsection 5: Ulrich Fuetrer’s Bayerische Chronik

Subsection 6: Georg Hohenmut’s Buch von Heiligen Karl

Section 4: The French Family

Subsection 1: Adenet le Rois Berte aus Grans Piés

Subsection 2: The Berlin Prose

Subsection 3: Miracle de Berte

Subsection 4: Berte metten breeden voeten (Dutch)

Subsection 5: BnF fr. 5003 Chroniques de France

Subsection 6: Girard d’Amiens’ Charlemagne

Section 5: La Gran Conquista de Ultramar

Section 6: The Italian Family

Subsection 1: La Geste Francor

Subsection 2: Aquilon of Bavaria

Subsection 3: Andrea da Barberino’s I Reali di Francia

Subsection 4: Antonio de Eslava’s Noches de Inveirno.

Chapter V: Valentine and Orson

Chapter VI: Doon de la Roche, or, Olive and Landres

Part II: Before Roncesvalles

Book #: The Four Sons of Aymon

Chapter I: Maugis of Aigremont

Chapter II: Vivien of Monbranc

Section 1: La Chanson de Vivien l’Amachour de Monbranc

Section 2: Prose Garin de Monglane.

Chapter III: Bevis of Aigremont

Chapter IV: Aymon of Dordonne.

Chapter V: Renaud of Montauban

Section 1: La Chanson de Renaud de Montauban

Section 2: La Quatre Fils Aymon (French Prose)

Section 3: La Quatre Filz Aymon – Rhymed Remainement

Section 4: The Grand Prose

Section 5: The Dutch Family

Subsection 1: Renout van Montalbaen (Dutch poem)

Subsection 2: Vita Sancti Reinoldi Rythmice

Subsection 3: De Historie van den vier Heemskindern (Dutch prose, ancestor of chapbooks)

Subsection 4: Die vier Heymons Kinder (German prose, 1604, ancestor of chapbooks)

Subsection 5: Historie van sent Reinolt (German prose)

Section 6: The Italian Family

Subsection 1: I Cantari di Rinaldo da Monte Albano

Subsection 2: El Inamoramento de Rinaldo da Monte Albano

Subsection 3: Rinaldo by Torquato Tasso

Subsection 4: Prose Rinaldo (by Andrea da Barberino?)

Section 7: Magus Saga Jarls

Section 8: Vita Sancti Reinoldi, monachi et martyris.

Chapter VI: The Death of Maugis

Chapter VII: The Conquest of Trebisond

Chapter VIII: Count Claros

Chapter IX: Mabrien

Chapter X: Rinaldino

Chapter XI: Baldus

Book #: Wars in Italy

Chapter #: The Siege of Milan

Book #: Adventures of the Paladins

Chapter #: Count Grifos Lombardo

Chapter #: Ralph the Collier

Book #: Satires and Parodies

Chapter #: Pietro Aretino’s Orlandino

Part #: Roncesvalles

Book #: The Wars in Spain

Chapter #: Girfaus

Book #: Bernardo del Carpio

Chapter I: The Birth of Bernardo del Carpio

Chapter II: Prelude to Roncesvalles

Chapter III: Bernardo at Roncesvalles

Chapter IV: Bernardo Learns His True Identity

Chapter V: Battles of Bernardo

Section 1: The Battle of Toledo

Section 2: The Battles of Polvorosa and Valdemora

Section 3: The Battle of Zamora

Section 4: The Battle against Ymundar and Alcatenetel

Section 5: The Battle of Benavente

Chapter VI: Adventures of Bernardo

Section 1: Bernardo and Don Bueso

Section 2: Other adventures

Subsection 1: Bernardo and Urgel

Subsection 2: Bernardo and Estella

Subsection 3: Bernardo and his Nurse

Subsection 4: Bernardo and Lepolemo

Section 3: The House of Jealousy in the Forest of Arden

Chapter VII: The Pentecost Court and Bernardo’s Banishment

Chapter VIII: Bernardo’s War against Alfonso

Chapter IX: Bernardo Frees His Father

Chapter X: Wanderings and Death of Bernardo

Part #: Louis the Pious to the Accession of the Capetians

Book #: Charles the Simple

Chapter #: Taillefer of Leon