The Dagobert Cycle Family Tree

The following is a composite family tree of the Merovingians, according to the legendary chansons de geste known as the Dagobert Cycle. Specifically, it is based on Dieudonné of Hungary (Charles le Chauve)Octavian, Florence of Rome, Ciperis of Vignevaux, and Theseus of Cologneand centered on Dagobert I, known as Le Bon Roi Dagobert, “Good King Dagobert.”

Family Tree of Dagobert I – Legendary


The Lorraine Cycle Family Tree

Below are two family trees for the Lorraine Cycle, or Cycle des Lorraines. The top family tree is for the French Cycle, Hervis de MetzGarin le Loherain, Gerbert de MetzYon, ou le Vengeance Fromondin, and Anseis de CologneThe bottom family tree is for the Dutch Roman der LorreinenPlease note that in Garin le Loherain, Hervis’ wife is named Alice, not Beatrice.

Garin le Loherain Family Tree

Roman der Lorreiner Family Tree