Notes to the Third Canto, Part 1

The Orlando Innamorato in English translation. Book I, Canto III, Stanzas 1-20 notes

7. According to Pulci, Astolfo is killed at the battle of Roncesvalles by one King Balsamin (XXVII: 17). According to the same author, Grandonio kills Sansonetto, and is then killed by Orlando. In the Oxford manuscript of The Song of Roland, Grandoine kills, among others, Duke Austorje of Valence on the Rhone. This name is given as Austoine in the Venice 4 manuscript, and may be the same as our Astolfo, though Duke Austorje has no personality and is introduced in the same line he is slain. In the Chateroux/Venice 7 version, Estolz de Langres is the son of Odon [Boiardo’s King Ottone of Great Britain], and is given a bragging speech before the battle, though no more so than anyone else’s. He kills the Almanzor [a role Samson takes in Oxford and Venice 4] and is slain by Grandonie, who also slays Antoine d’Avignon, who holds Valence and La Roche. Otho does not appear. In the Paris manuscript, Estoult replaces Otho for the slaying of the Almanzor and in some lists of the Peers, but Otho is also present and slays some Saracens. Estoult dies offstage. In Cambridge, Grandonie slays Antoine, of whom nothing is stated. Estoult is not otherwise present. In Lyon, Estouz again slays the Almanzor. Grandonie slays Anselme d’Avignon, who holds Valence and the rock thereby.
8. Gisarte and Pilïasi. Boiardo’s inventions.
16. Smirigilio. Minor character, whether or not invented by Boiardo I cannot say.
20. Anselmo della Ripa. Anselmo of the Clifftop. A minor Maganzan. I do not know whether he is traditional.
Rainieri. Another minor Maganzan. Again, his origin is unknown to me.

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