Notes to the Second Canto, Part 2

The Orlando Innamorato in English translation, Book I, Canto II, Part 1, Stanzas 21-40, Notes

31. Civil Spear. That is, a blunted one, for tournaments and practice.
32. Greaves. Leg armor.
36. Angelino of Bordeaux. Engelier of Bordeaux in The Song of Roland. One of Charles’ Paladins, and a traditional minor character. Killed at Roncesvalles by Climbelin in the Roland.  Dies offstage at the same battle in Morgante.
38. Neither of these puns are in the original.
39. Richard of Normandy. Duke of Normandy from 942 till his death in 996. Already associated with Charlemagne in The Song of Roland, where he is an elderly advisor to the emperor. In Morgante, he dies at Roncesvalles. In real life, he died of natural causes.

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